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In 2013 band started to work on their new album. The main works were made in Custom34 Studio in Gdańsk, in Staniszow Palace and Fonoplastykon studio in Wroclaw. The album „1.577” has been released in 28 May. Soon it reached number 8 on OLIS list, and a single „Prędzej Później Dalej” that was promoting the record appeared on the Radio Three list.


The year 2012 has opened a brand new chapter in the history of the band. Artur Rojek has left the band. The rest of the members has decided to continue their work as Myslovitz. They had to look for a new singer. Michał Kowalonek, known from the band Snowman was chosen from plenty of candidates. First show in a new form Myslovitz played in May in Wrocław.

In the 3th of December the first single with Michał was released, „3 sny o tym samym”, and soon it appeared on the playlists in such a stations as Polskie Radio Trójka.

The same year the solo album of Jacek Kuderski „Kolonia Fabryczna” was released.


At the beginning of the year song „Beastie Fish” from the „Skalary, mieczyki, neonki” album was adapted to the Marie Claire US Fashion advertisment directed by Kalle Gustafsson.

In 28 March single „Ukryte” was released to the radio stations. It was promoting an oncoming album. The clip was directed by Krzysztof Skonieczny and Marcin Starzecki.

In 31 of May the awaited album - „Nieważne jak wysoko jesteśmy” was released to the stores as CD’s and LP, and immediately, in June it reached status of golden record. The award was presented to the band in 16 June in the Radio Katowice Studio, and it was merged with the „Sound of Soltitude” Fan Club meeting and small concert of the band.

Band was also twice nominated to the Fryderyki 2012 awards in the categories of „Rock album of the year” and „Group of the year”, and to the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 as „Best Polish performer”.
In late autumn band started a tour to promote their new album. They played in such a cities as Rzeszów, Kraków, Katowice, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź and Warszawa.

The year ended in the middle of the tour with the re-activated band Lenny Valentino, that played five shows in Warszawa, Gdańsk, Poznań, Kraków and Wrocław.
In 31 December Myslovitz played a New Year’s Eve show on Jasne Błonie in Szczecin.


In 2010 after a long break the band entered the studio again. They rented a modern villa and worked in Ustroń in January and February. Then they moved to a studio in Lubrza and from there to the well known Fonoplastykon studio in Wrocław. In April and May the band recorded the newly written stuff. Marcin Bors, known for his work with Pogodno, Katarzyna Nosowska, Hey, Biff and No!No!No!, was chosen to produce the album.

February, 13th Myslovitz performed at the opening of the Olimpics in Tyski City Park.
And on September, 18th together with Simply Red, the band performed at the opening of the V European Summer Special Olimpic Games on the newly opened Legia Stadium in Warsaw.

In April Myslovitz opened their new blog, where they place updates and newest information about the band, pictures and videos from the studio as well as regural posts by band members (

In August a reissue of band’s debut album „Myslovitz” came out. This time, apart from renewed artwork the CD included a live DVD with a concert from 1996 in a TV studio „£êg” in Cracow as well as bits of band’s biography.

At the end of October Myslovitz went to London again. This time they played at Shepherds Bush Empire. At the end of November the band played in Stokholm, at „Debaser Medis” and at the end of December in Minsk (Belarus) in „Reaktor".

In the meantime a book called „Wywiady bez kitu” came out, a collection of interviews. It also included an interview with Myslovitz (released by Radio Bez Kitu, Cracow).

At the end of the year a reissue of „Najmniejszy koncert œwiata” DVD came out. It included two bonus videos- „Mieć czy być” and „Nocnym pociągiem aż do końca świata”, as well as a booklet with live pictures of the band and biography of each of the members with detailed information about their career. (released by Agora).

March, 26th a debut album of No!No!No! came out. The band is Wojtek Powaga and Przemek Myszor from Myslovitz joined by Tomek Makowiecki on vocals as well as Michał Mioduszewski and Damian Pielka, who are in Lech Janerka’s live band.

The first promo singel from their debut album „Doskonały pomysł” was at the time a promo track for Jan Hryniak’s movie called „Trick”. The video for the song shows clips taken from the movie and includes appearences of amongt others: Andrzej Chyra, Piotr Adamczyk, Gra¿yna Szapo³owska and Jerzy Trela.

After the release a promotional tour followed. The album was well received and well reviewed. In „Teraz Rock”’s „Now Best” chart a video for „Inaczej niż w raju” got into Top 10 and No!No!No! was listed as „Hope of the Year.”

November, 19th the second album of Penny Lane got released. The album is called „Spacer po linie”. It was promoted with singel called „Magiczne słowa”.


Is awaited by their fans return to gigging. Myslovitz played at Studio im. Agnieszki Osieckiej, in Trójka, on Juwenalia student festivals in multiple cities in Poland, on Maj Music Festival in Katowice, at w Rock For Reedom Festival in Wrocław, at Eska Rock Festival in Szczecin, sharing the stage with Manic Street Preachers and Chris Cornell. Futher in July they played Union Of Rock Festival in Wêgorzewo and Jarocin Festiwal, and in August at the Solidarity Of Arts Festival in Gdańsk. During that festival Artur Rojek, Lech Janerka, Ian Gillan and Nina Hagen had their handprints taken in, so doing they joined The Alley of the Stars.

During the spring tour of Myslovitz the band also went to London to play the O2 Arena.

October, 30th finally first biography of the band came out. Writen by Leszek Gnoiñski it was called „Myslovitz. Życie to surfing” (released by "3kafki").

The same year two album reissues were released. In February a „Miłość w czasach popkultury” digipack, with an additional CD with demo tracks for the album and bits of, then still unreleased, biography. And at the end of August a special „Korova Milky Bar” digipack came out. It included a special bonus CD with live versions of some of the most known songs of Myslovitz (including one featuring Leszek Możdżera) and further bits of the biography.


This year the band took a break from touring. There were 3 exceptions: January, 4th The Award Gala for Telekamer "Tele Tygodnia" in Teatr Polski in Warsaw, December, 5th in Tel Aviv, Israel and at the end of December in Torun, Poland.

It also again time when band members focused more on their solo work.

Wojtek Kuderski played a few gigs with Penny Lane. Wojtek Powaga and Przemek Myszor joined forces with Tomek Makowiecki and they started No!No!No!.

They performed live at the Fryderyki 2007 Gala in Fabryka Trzciny in Warsaw and played a song by Edwyn Collins’"A Girl Like You". Jacek Kuderski joined a young group called Kid A and played a few gigs with them, amongst others Radio Katowice Studio and Polish Radio Trójka.

Artur Rojek performed with The Complainer & The Complainers on the only gig together in Katowice.
At the end of November at City Museum of Myslowice an exibition of Wax Figures of the musicians of Myslovitz was opened.


In 2007 Myslovitz continues to play concerts to promote their new album "Happiness is Easy".
In February the band played the legendary Rock Arena Festival in Poznan, in July they joined HEY in the celebration of their 15th anniversary in Jarocin.

In June a special "Happiness is Easy Live" - smallest concert in the world projection was organized. It was within the music programme of Kinoteka outdoors projections - the movie was screened outdoors, just outside the Palace of Culture.

In August they played at Be2Gether Music Festival, the biggest festival for Baltic countries. The festival titled "Music opens borders" also brought big European names like: Morcheeba, Leaves, Poets Of The Fall, IQ48 and Bloodhound Gang. In September the band took part in a silent movie project in Wroclaw. They played live to illustrate a projection of Nosferatu by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau.

Its also again a year of awards. March, 12th Myslovitz received a platinum album for "Happiness is Easy". They played two special acoustic performances that day.

For their track "W deszczu maleńkich żółtych kwiatów" they receive Eska Music Awards for Rock Hit of The Year. This track, the 3rd single from "Happiness is Easy", came out January, 29th as a limited edition for sale. Apart from the track itself the release included 2 special recordings from Radio Today FM in Dublin and a music video for the track.

In June the band played in Sopot at Top Trendy Festival. This concert features artists who sold most records each year. Myslovitz reach #6. The same day Myslovitz received another platinum album for the DVD release - "Happiness is Easy Live".

On June, 14th, the band received their star in the Polish Hall of Fame in Opole. The Foundation, which decides who can get a star or not, decided that not only solo artist but also bands can be awarded this honour.

Further Myslovitz were nominated for 3 Fryderyk Awards: Band of the Year, Singer of The Year and Pop Album of the Year, as well as for Superjedynki Awards (Band of The Year, Album of The Year, Singer of The Year).

In Teraz Rock Readers Charts for 2006 Myslovitz appears 9 times! Myslovitz won Best Band, Best Music Video "Mieć czy być", (the music video for their other single - "Nocnym pociągiem aż do końca świata" was on 6th place), Best Album, Song of The Year "Mieć czy być" (and on possition 7 - "Nocnym pociągiem aż do końca świata"). DVD "Happiness is Easy Live" became 4th.
Further Artur Rojek was awarded for Singer of the year, and Przemek Myszor for Instrumentalist of the Year.

In the April, 50th, Issue of Teraz Rock Magazine a list of 50 best Polish rock albums was published. Appearing on that list- "Miłość w czasach popkultury" by Myslovitz (1999) and "Uwaga! Jedzie tramwaj" by Lenny Valentino (2001).

Later that year Artur Rojek wrote lyrics and sang two tracks for a Polish version of an animated Disney movie "Meet The Robinsons".


A year later. Myslovitz are working on new record. Producers, except Myslovitz themselves, are Maciek Cieślak (Ścianka) and Rafał Paczkowski, a well know Polish sound engineer.

"Happiness is easy" is the name of the 7th album of Myslovitz. The CD came out May, 19th. It included 13 tracks and the first single to promote the album was "Mieć czy być". It was picked by the fans of Myslovitz who got the chance to pick their favourite track out of 6 proposed songs. As it became very popular and always did well in charts - choice well made.

It was a very intensive period for the band. Promoting the new album, meeting journalists, fans, multiple shows in Poland and abroad (in June - London, Jersey, Dublin).

Even still before the premiere there was a special concert in Radio Katowice, where the band played eight new tracks. Before the concert fans and journalists could take part in a press conference with all five band members. In the end 150 people took part in this exclusive event: journalists, fans, listeners of Radio Katowice and friends of the band.

Also still in May (29th) the band recorded another very special show. It was called "Najmniejszy koncert świata" (The smallest concert in the world). Myslovitz was chosen to play the first concert of a series of concerts planned by the organizer- Roxy Fm Radio. The band played for 10 people, who had to go through heavy questioning and in the end showed a very extensive knowledge of the band and got to win these spots. The gig took place in the same building, where Myslovitz shot their video for "Mieć
czy być". The dark room, only partly lit by moody lighting made the atmosphere very special. Those who were in there felt really special, not only because their favourite band played a show only for them, but also because the gig was registered and was to be released as a DVD at the end of 2006.

In August a new single comes out, called "Nocnym pociągiem aż do końca świata".

From fall onwards the band continues on receiving awards. First Panteon "Teraz Rock" - to celebrate 15 years of the magazine Teraz Rock awarded, in their opinion, the band with the strongest influence on developments in Polish music. The ceremony took place on September, 27th and Myslovitz played a few tracks from "Happiness is Easy".

Later, on November, 6th Myslovitz was awarded the special award of a weekly "Wprost" and "Wiedza i Kultura" Magazine for the best lyrics. It was for a track called "W deszczu maleńkich żółtych kwiatów" and the award came even before the official premiere of the track.

December, 12th the Smallest concert in the world DVD comes out. Apart from the concert the DVD includes the videos for "Mieć czy być" and "Nocnym pociągiem aż do końca świata".


Another year full of Awards. Myslovitz won the European Breakthrough Award.
It’s an award for a band, which comes from one of the 10 new European countries and sells most copies of their English version album outside their home country, which Myslovitz did with Korova Milky Bar. The band also got an Award from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for promoting Polish music abroad.

In April BOX 21 got released - a box with singles of Myslovitz with an additional DVD including unreleased music videos.

In September the authorized Myslovitz fan club closed down. "Moving Revolutions" celebrated its 8 years of existence by releasing a special fan-zin about Myslovitz. A new fan club gets started, this one called "Sound of Sollitude". It continues the great tradition of the previous one.

Just before returning to work on a new album the band played in Brussels on Schuman Roundabout. This great concert took place to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Solidarnosc.


2004 is mainly gigging. Except still very popular concerts within Poland also concerts abroad. This time more than 50, amongst others in Switzerland, Germany, UK, Austria, Slovakia and Turkey.
The Corrs invited Myslovitz to be their special guest on tour, which was great for promotion of the English version of Myslovitz’s album and a nice way to celebrate 3 years of being internationally active.

In 2004 another special album came out - "Skalary, mieczyki, neonki". It was a sort of a "side effect" of the recording session for Korova Milky Bar. It’s beautiful improvisations and instrumentals, but also the so characteristic for Myslovitz melodies. Next to the album the second DVD of the band comes out called "Życie to surfing". It features music videos in English, picture archive, short documentaries about the band and a live concert of Myslovitz from Switzerland.


"Chciałbym umrzeć z miłości" was the first single to promote "Korova Milky Bar". It was first aired on
January, 27th 2003. It included the radio edit of "Chciałbym umrzeć z miłości" and an English version of the song, as well as remixes by Blimp vs. Silver Rocket, Adamus and Matt Kovalsky. The video for the track was again made by Anna Maliszewska. The idea for the script was inspired by Artur and Przemek.

On 12th and 13th of March Myslovitz recorded their brand new video for the English version of "Długość dżwięku samotności" translated into "Sound Of Solitude". The band got to work with Janusz Kamiński, one of the best directors of photography out there, awarded with two Academy Awards. The director invited Bogumił Godfrejow (known for having worked on eg. Oscar nominated "Męska sprawa" by Sławomir Fabicki). Shot in an old warehouse by Hala Polska the video, already still in process received a lot of attention.

On March, 14th a press conference was set in the Mariott Hotel in Warsaw featuring the band on the filmmakers. April, 28th the video premiered on TV and the track "Sound Of Solitude", appeared on the radio.

After a very happening year with many other awards the band was on top of it all nominated for four Fryderyk Awards (Band of the Year, Album of the Year, Singer of the Year (Artur Rojek) and Composer of the Year (Przemek Myszor)". The ceremony took place in Traffic Club and for the first time had no TV transmission. In the end Myslovitz received one Fryderyk - Best Album 2002 for Korova Milky Bar.

April, 17th Myslovitz took part in a special "European concert" for Polish National Television. The concert was prepared to promote Poland joining the EU. Myslovitz played "Et Si Tu A N’existe Pas" of Joe Dassin. This track ended up being a b-side for English version of the "Acidland" single together with "Wonderful Life" by Black.

The great success of Myslovitz’s 5th record proved again - on May, 14th the album reached 70 000 copies sold and was announced platinum.

From May onwards the band goes gigging through Poland. In June the band went to Denmark and Germany to support Iggy Pop again. Apart from that the band appeared in Sylwester Latkowski’s movie "Nakręceni".

Another movie the band got asked to be in was Jerzy Stuhr’s "Pogoda na jutro". The director asked
Myslovitz to play supporting roles in it and perform a track together with him as one of the scenes in the movie. They were to be beginning monks and the director himself was their mentor. The song was recorded in Radio Katowice Studio and scenes shot in Warsaw on April, 4 and in Kraków on May, 6.

In a new radio station, Rock Radio, Artur has a radio show called "60 minutes". Every Wednesday at 22.00 he talks about new, upcoming alternative bands.

June, 9th The Best Of Myslovitz came out. It was their last album released by Sony Music Poland. Promotional single "Krakow" re-recorded for this occasion featured Marek Grechuta and his band Anawa. March, 18th in the S-5 studio in Krakow Myslovitz met the living legend of Polish music. The B-side of this single was the original version of "Krakow" as well as interviews with Myslovitz and Marek Grechuta, which took place on March, 18th and May, 6th and were conducted by Piotr Metz.

The cover of this CD is a collage of pictures of fans of Myslovitz. It was put together by the band’s friend - graphic designer who already worked with them on other projects, Sławek Jurek.

The CD features most known songs of the band and a few unreleased tracks like "Książka z drogą w tytule" or "The Iris sleeps under the snow" and a completely new track "Sei Taing Kya".


Between February, 25th and March, 30th Myslovitz reside at the Radio Katowice studio recording their new album. The first two weeks the band spends with the producer, Tomasz Bonarowski, the rest of the time they decide to spend recording psychedelic improvisations, which will be released on a special album "Skalary, mieczyki, neonki".

The 5th record came out in May. It was called "Korova Milky Bar" (after Stanley Kubrick’s "Clockwork Orange") and it included many new surprising sounds, especially the experimental keyboard sounds of Przemek Myszor and guitar effects of Wojtek Powaga. Also the lyrics were a surprise - for the first time the band focused on social issues.
To promote the album single "Acidland" was released, as well as a promotional tour "Korova Milky Bar Club Tour ’April 2002" was prepared. The band also played the London club called "Borderline". For this very occasion "Acidland" was translated into English.

A little while before, in March, a special DVD/VHS called "O sobie 1995-2001" came out.
It included videos, bits of concerts and interviews with Myslovitz.

The next few months the band spent touring Europe with Iggy Pop and Simple Minds.
They played summer festivals in Scotland, Belgium and Germany.

At the same time a new single hit Polish radios. It was called "Sprzedawcy marzeń".
After returning to Poland the band doesn’t take a long holiday cause already in October the band hits the road to fill out the biggest clubs in the country.

On September, 8th 2002 during the Open Day of Polish Radio Myslovitz received a golden record.
5 days later the record was auctioned on air and the 22 000 PLN Zakłady Mięsne Mysłowice payed for it were given to the children of miners who died at the "Wesoła" mines in Mysłowice.

At the XI edition of Yach Festival the video for "Acidland" by Anna Maliszewska and Łukasz Jankowski was awarded for best script and on October, 7 Myslovitz received Trofea Elle 2002 for "The most stylish star".

In November the band started working with a new label Pomaton EMI.

For the 3rd time already Myslovitz were nominated for an MTV European Music Awards for Best Polish Act 2002. And three was the charm, cause they finally received it. They picked it up November, 14th 2002 in Barcelona.


Artur Rojek works in Sopot on a solo project called Lenny Valntino, which he started in 1998 with Mietall Waluś (bass, known from Negatyw). Apart from the two, the band consists of Ścianka’s musicians- Jacek Lachowicz, Arkady Kowalczyk and Maciej Cieślak.

February, 14th in Poznań Myslovitz plays in full line up again and in March they perform at a special anniversary concert celebrating the 1000th edition of a very well known polish radio show "Lista Przebojów Programu 3."

In April the band goes on a mini tour in the US.

A month later a CD of Andrzej Smolik premiers, the keyboard player of Wilki, also known for his cooperation with Kasia Nosowska, Robert Gawliński and last but not least, Myslovitz. To promote the record a track "50 tysięcy 881" was chosen. It featured Artur Rojek on vocals and guitars. Artur also wrote the lyrics for that track.

Also Jacek Kuderski began working outside his own band. In May and early June he took part in recording towards a new album of the band Lotyń. The bassist of Myslovitz sang a track named "Skowronki wiedzą że nigdy się nie dowiedzą" and helped to arrange choirs and strings.

In the meantime, in there home town of Mysłowice, the band began to work on a 5th record.
Some of the tracks have already been played live. Another live related fact is the especially developed active projections, synchronized with music, used instead of a regular light show. It has been prepared by Krzysztof Owczarek from Cinemanual, who previously worked with Kasia Nosowska.

In the fall Myslovitz played in London twice and on their way back they stopped in Frankfurt to attend the MTV Music Awards Gala, where they were nominated for "Best Polish Act".

November brings the debut release of Lenny Valentino. The b-side of the single "Dom nauki wrażeń" includes two additional compositions made with Andrzej Smolik. The record was produced by Maciek Cieślak and was released on Sissy Records. It is, until today, one of the most original releases on the Polish music market. The album was very well received and honoured with "Tylko Rock"’s Best New Debut Album Award and Fryderyk award for Alternative Album of The Year.


January 2000 was another step in the promotional campaign for the "Miłość w czasach popkultury" record. Single "My" hit the radio stations. The track was at the same time to announce a movie called "To My". The full soundtrack was released in February and apart from the radio single it featured two new compositions of Myslovitz: "Książka z drogą w tytule" and "Sekrety i kłamstwa".

In May 3rd single for "Miłość w czasach popkultury" was released. It featured Muniek Staszczyk, who sang an interpretation of the title track "Chłopcy". During the summer holiday the band went onto a special "Kopernik" tour. It included more than 30 seaside and mountain resorts.

In the meantime, in July, another single got released, this time one recorded for a Jerzy Stuhr movie "Duże Zwierze". The video for "Polowanie na wielbłąda", cause that’s what the song was called, was directed by Krzysztof Pawłowski, who previously worked with the band on videos for "Scenariusz dla moich sąsiadów" and "Margaret".

November proves the success of the "Miłość w czasach popkultury" record. It becomes platinum.

Unfortunately during a trip to Poznań the band gets into a car crash and Wojtek Powaga breaks his shoulder. He has to stop playing gigs with the band for 2 months.

Just before the end of the year in the S-1 studio of Radio Łódź Myslovitz record their own version of Ścianka’s "The Iris Sleeps Under The Snow". The track is to come out on Ścianka’s "...Only Your Bus Doesn’t Stop Here" EP. Except Myslovitz and Ścianka it features, united for this very occasion, Smolik and Nosowska.

Awards for 2000:
Fryderyk ‘2000 Awards: Best Song "Chłopcy", Best Video "Dla Ciebie"; nominated: Best Band, Best Singer";
Tylko Rock": Band of the Year - 1st place, Singer of the Year - 3rd place, Best Song "Chłopcy" - 6th place, Album of the year - 9th place;


Early 1999 the band spent mainly rehearsing the material for their new album. That caused less live shows, especially compared to an extensive tour in 1998.
In May the band entered the Red Studio in Gdańsk. They worked on their new record “Miłość w czasach popkultury" until June, again with their befriended producer - Tomasz Bonarowski.
Just before the release in September the band celebrated their 5 years anniversary and gives a special outdoors concert in Mysłowice. Except Myslovitz many other guests played, e.g Robert Gawliński, Anthony Neale, Negatyw, Skankan and T.Love.

At the end of October the long awaited "Miłość w czasach popkultury" came out. The first single, "Długość dźwięku samotności", released two weeks before the official album premier instantly became a hit and was all over the radio. Right after the release the band said: “ We didn’t wanna sink in too deep in what we did before or create something based on the what we did earlier. We wanted to do something completely new. We think, we succeeded and we’re very proud of this record.”

Indeed. Myslovitz in this album left their previous britpop-y sound. This didn’t stop the record from becoming a great success. "Miłość w czasach popkultury" sold more than 150 000 copies (till May 2002) and became platinum. It’s also worth mentioning, that this year an album of a band called Lotyń came out. This band, befriended with Myslovitz, invited Artur Rojek to sing a track on this debut record.

Awards for 1999: 
Fryderyk ’1999: Best Band, Best Rock Album, Best Song ("Długość dźwięku samotności");
Paszport Polityki Award for "Rock, Pop, Estrada";
Playbox 2000: Best Band, Best Song ("Długość dźwięku samotności");
Nomination for MTV European Music Awards 2000";
Popcorn" Microphone – "Personality of the Year”;
“Tylko Rock” Magazine: Singer of the Year 9th place, Band of the Year 7th place, Album of the Year 9th place, Song of the Year 3rd place ("Długość dźwięku samotności");
Trybuna śląska - Loża Liderów;
Manhattan Music Award 2000.


In January a soundtrack to a movie “Młode Wilki 1/2” came out. It featured an unreleased track of Myslovitz called “To nie był film”. Because of the lyrics and the video the song became very controversial and radio stations and TV channels refused to play it. “It was a total misunderstanding. We wanted to show how you should NOT perceive movies like “Natural born killers” for example- the musicians of Myslovitz said later.
In March a reissue of “ Z Rozmyślań...” came out with an additional track – “To nie był film”.

The whole year through the band toured extensively, not only in Poland but also abroad. For example in Germany (Fan-Festival, Stuttgart), in the U.S.A. (NY) and in Sweden (by Stockholm). Despite being on the road all year in October Myslovitz had a whole bunch of new songs ready towards their new album. They recorded a demo for the new album within two weeks in a little mountain village called Ujsoły.

The year had a nice closure – Myslovitz received a Fryderyk Award - “Best Video” for "To nie był film".


Third album, called "Z rozmyślań przy śniadaniu" was a mile stone in the development of Myslovitz as a band, which was immediately noticed not only by the band but also by fans and critics.

Tomasz Bonarowski was asked to produce the record, and that has without a doubt caused a change in Myslovitz’s sound, which became less rough and their lyrics, earlier more an addition to the music now became very much in front. The lyrics also revealed that the musicians were very inspired by movies, which has shown especially in song names e.g "Do utraty tchu", "Wielki błękit", "Myszy i ludzie".
Tracks on this album are an interesting mix. The more uptempo wild beginning is followed by more subtle, and quite compositions.

The album was very well received, and got, amongst others, four nominations to the Fryderyk Award. The album was promoted during nationwide tour sponsored by “Big Star”

In October the first and the only authorized fan-club “Moving Revolution” was started by Monika Biss.

At the end of 1997 Myslovitz received many awards.
In “Teraz Rock” Magazine: Best Band of 1997 - 3rd plac, Singer of the Year – 9th place, Artur Rojek, Album of the Year, 5th place, "Z rozmyślań przy śniadaniu"; 
The album also received “Album of the Year” title from Radio Dla Ciebie. 


In June the second album came out. This one called “Sun Machine” was not really that new, honestly, cause some of the tracks were still recorded at the sessions for the first album in Łódź. Despite that the album was quite different. It was more “songy” and included tracks like “Peggy Brown”, "Z twarzą Marylin Monroe", "Funny Hill" or “Blue Velvet”, which were noticed by the media and played on the radio. The album included also a cover of a famous Polish track "Historia pewnej znajomości" by Czerwone Gitary, which was used in a movie starring Krystyna Janda "Matka swojej matki".

Another reason for this album to be different was a new member of the band. Przemek Myszor, previously in different bands from Mysłowice, a.o October’s Children, became the new guitar player.
“Sun Machine” came out on Sony Music Poland/Columbia and the band signed a long-term contract with Sony. Except the new album 1996 brought the very first nomination to a Polish Music Industry Award – Fryderyk. They were nominated for “Best Debut”. With “Sun Machine” out Myslovitz had a stable position on the Polish market.


In the summer in Radio Łódź studio a self titled debut album was recorded. It was produced by Ian Harris. Harris, originally from Manchester and actually a psychologist (or that’s at least what he claimed) although he never worked in this profession. What he did do was live sound for bands like Joy Division, U.K. Subs, New Order or The Exploited. For a whole bunch of years already he lived in France and worked with an experimental band called Sysigambis.

The album "Myslovitz" was released on October, 10th and was promoted with a track also called "Myslovitz", according to the 3xM rule. The album was very quickly called the most interesting of 1995 and the best newcomer of the year. (“Best Debut” of Brum Magazine, “Hope of the Year” of Tylko Rock Magazine, nomination for Dance Music Awards for "Debiut Pop and Rock", and an RMF FM Award for 1995).


They recorded their first demo, which was made in April and May and straight away sent to a band contest “Garaż 94” in Częstochowa. The band came 2nd and they won a recording session in the studio of Radio Łódź. That session happened in June and the producer was Robert Ochnio (Reds, Tubylcy Betonu). Together they recorded the following tracks: "Funny Hill", "Mówisz że", "Słowa" i "Ultra Fiolet".

The Head of Music of Radio Łódź was in that time Maciek Pilarczyk. From the very start he became a friend of the band and their guide through music business. Maciek, was also one of the jury member of the “Garaż 94” contest. He said once: “It was magical and psychodelic. I had goose bumps all over! They were about to win, and get a guitar amp as the main prize, but I forced the other jury members to give them the second place so they could come to my radio and get that recording session. I think first the guys were surprised they didn’t win, but I hope now they understand and they can forgive me”.

In December the band got qualified for a prestigious Mokotowska Jesień Muzyczna Contesr, which they won. It was then they changed their band name to Myslovitz. On the market they were noticed under this new name after having won this contest. They were approached by MJM Music PL and signed a deal for three albums with them.


At a concert in Jaworzno the band meets Jacek Kowalczyk a non professional photographer, who likes the band so much he decides to offer them a photoshoot, which will be their first shoot ever. Jacek, a great fan of David Bowie and Velvet Underground also inspired the band to make their first recordings. The songs were registered in a warehouse and the engineer and producer was "Żaba" front man of Nowy Horyzont. During this session tracks like "Letter to Love" (later "Krótka piosenka o miłości"), "Beautiful day", "Ultra Fiolet", "Mówisz, że", "Funny Hill" i "Maj" (a completely different version to a later know track of Myslovitz called ”Maj”).


In Mysłowice, by the local Youth Cultural Center two students - Artur Rojek (guitar, vocals) and Wojtka Powaga (guitar) started a band. They called it The Freshmen (like the movie with Matthew Broderick and Marlon Brando). In the initial line up Marcin “Bongo” Porczek played drums and Rafał “Książę” Cieślik, guitar. But they never played a single gig together. Already at the first ever show of The Freshmen in a student club Olimpia in Katowice, where they supported Generał Stillwell, Marcin and Rafał were replaced by Jacek (bass guitar) and Wojtek (drums) Kuderscy, brothers, who earlier played together with DKT (Der Kinder Trager).

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